Kathmandu: The CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) has demanded to abrogate the Air Marshal Agreement reached between the high level authorities of Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministries of Nepal and India, for it has seriously threatened Nepal’s sovereignty, national independence and national self-respect. The CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) Chairman Comrade Kiran said it through a statement.

Also, Chairman Kiran has demanded to stop India entering the Mount Everest without any permission of the Nepalese Government. Kiran issued this statement in the context of the news that India has planned to scale the height of Mount Everest. The statement writes, “The issues include Nepalese Civil Aviation authorities had set rules that allowed Indian air marshal to stay at Kathmandu in the jet planes en route to Nepal, air marshals were allowed to stay at Kathmandu as per this rule and the present agreement also mentions it. In view of this, what is clear is that not only have these questions hit at the sovereignty of Nepal, national independence and national self-respect but the Nepalese Government has been keeping up hateful alliance with Indian expansionist rulers in such questions as well. It is a serious act of national betrayal. Therefore, our party strongly demands the government to publicise the truth on these questions and abrogate these kinds of anti-national agreements immediately.

“Apart from the aforesaid issues, news also is being publicised that an Indian team is coming to Nepal to gauge the height of Mount Everest without any permission of the Nepalese Government. Our party strongly demands the government to place truth before public and stop the unauthorised Indian team entering to the Mount Everest.”

Chairman Kiran, through this statement, has also made a special appeal to the entire patriotic Nepalese people to come forward to struggling against the Indian expansionist intervention in Nepal and Nepalese Government’s anti-national acts.


सम्बन्धित खवर