Statement of the Anti-imperialist Antifascist International United Front (AIAFUF) on Trump’s election defeat

ANTI IMPERIALIST ANTIFASCIST INTERNATIONAL  UNITED FRONT (AIAFUF)  14.11.2020   The Anti-imperialist Antifascist International United Front is delighted that the masses in the US have voted the fascist linked Donald Trump out of office. This is a clear sign against the anti-worker reactionary, racist, anti-women and anti-environmental policies. The election is an expression of a progressive change […]

Maoist Outlook -July 2019

Editorial Let us prepare for building proletarian international! All of the contradictions that exist between imperialism and oppressed nations, labour and capital and the imperialist powers are intensifying in the world today. The imperialism is undergoing crisis economically, politically and culturally. At present, the monopoly financial capital has been awfully centralised, on the one hand, […]

Tibet’s Opening-up Adhering the BRI and its Implications to the South Asian Region

  China’s engagement with South Asia is seen primarily in trade and investment as well as improving its linkages with South Asian states through economic agreement and bilateral cooperation. As a result, over the last decade, China has significantly transformed its relationships with South Asian countries—China is currently the largest trading partner of India, Pakistan […]

Let Enterprises Actively Participate in “Belt and Road” Construction is a Significant Action for the Extension of Tibet Open Development

First, the open development of Tibet and the “Belt and Road” initiative. This part divided into 3 parts: great achievements in the democratic reform in Tibet for 60 years, great idea of “Belt and Road” initiative, the orientation and achievements of Tibet in the “Belt and Road” construction. Second, analysis of listed companies in TAR […]