CPN-Biplab Group: A Brief Study

Preamble: Having separated from the erstwhile Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, Biplab group had formed the CPN Maoist after presenting dissension when the expanded meeting of party’s central committee was being held in November 2014. It is going to be about three years since then. The document adopted by the first national convention of our party […]

Country’s Terrible Condition and its Way Out

National daily newspapers dated July 25 and 26, 2017 have published some informative news related with Nepalese state of socio-economic affairs. Of them, the Kantipur daily dated July 25 has published news headed “Trade deficit of more than 1 billion from each 33 countries.” According to this news, Nepal had imported goods worth Rs. 984 […]

Vaidya calls on the entire revolutionaries to polarise for unity

Kathmandu: The CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) has called on the scattered revolutionary communist centres, groups and individuals to come forward for revolutionary polarisation and unity. In the press communiqué issued to publicise the decisions adopted by the Central Committee Meeting concluded on the last Friday, Chairman Mohan Vaidya has called for party unification and polarisation based […]

Press Statement of CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) about ‘Darjeeling Movement’

Press Statement It is known to all that Nepali-speaking people of Darjeeling area under West Bengal, India have been struggling for Gorkhaland since long and many people have attained martyrdom in this course. People have again resorted to movement against government’s decision of making Bengali language compulsory in the curriculum and have added the demand […]

Postponement of election a weird decision: Kiran

Chaitra 2, Kathmandu: CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) led by Kiran has strongly criticized the government decision of postponing local election in province number 2 for three months and the nomination of second phase election for two days. In a statement issued on Friday, Kiran has sharply accused the government of its unstable thinking and working style. […]

Latest Press Statement of CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)

‘The news that Maoist Centre leadership has called for party unity has been aired for the last few days. It has necessitated to publicise party opinion because it might create confusion. It is clear to all that we had formed a new party by rupturing from and rebelling against the leadership because the Maoist Centre […]

Trump’s First International Trip and the Direction it shows

Preamble: Donald Trump, the president of the USA, set off his first international trip from America on May 19. As opposed to the earlier American practice of starting official foreign tour from Canada or Mexico he did it from Saudi Arabia, at this time. Trump, who was accompanied by his wife Melania Trump and daughter […]

Revolutionary Maoist condemns Indian intrusion into Nepali territory

Kathmandu: The CPN (Revolutionary Maoist), issuing a statement, has strongly condemned and opposed the intrusion into Nepalese territory and abduction of Lal Bahadur Aauji, the resident of Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality – 8, Nepal, by a group of Indian police, in official dress, led by the DSP Nagraj as the direct intervention upon the Nepalese sovereignty […]

Ichchhuk’s ideal of class consciousness has not been disordered: Kiran

Kathmandu: CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) chairman Kiran has said that the real ideal of new democratic revolution has not been disordered yet. Speaking in the programme organised by Ichchhuk Cultural Academy in the capital on the occasion of 15th Memorial Day of the great martyr Krishna Sen Ichchhuk and Cultural Sacrifice Day, he pointed out on […]