Kathmandu . The Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) Chairman Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ said that that a decade-long People’s War in Nepal was only a rehearsal.

Addressing a program organized in Party’s Central Office in Kupondole on the occasion of Basu Smriti Diwas on Thursday, he said the real kind of revolution is essential to fulfill martyrs’ dreams.

He said, “Real kind of revolution in the country is still incomplete. 10 years People’s War in Nepal was only a rehearsal.” Stating that some opportunists left the party for no reasons, he said, “running away from the revolution does not mean there is no possibility of change,” He also appealed all cadres and leaders to prepare for a new democratic revolution in Nepal.

He also accused Prachanda-Baburam clique of using martyrs as a means of ladder to the government. “Although Prachanda is now the head of the state, but he has not initiated to do anything for the welfare of the injured and disappeared of 10 years revolution.

Meanwhile, Revolutionary Maoist and Biplab Maoist organized a joint program in Gorkha on the occasion of Basu Smriti Diwas. Speaking at the program, Revolutionary Maoist Tamuwan Incharge Srinath Adhikari ‘Shyam’ committed to follow the path shown by the martyrs.

Large number of party cadres and people was present during the program.



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