Kathmandu. The Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) is observing a black day on September 19, the first anniversary of the Constitution promulgation in the country. The Revolutionary Maoist has also decided to stage demonstrations with black flags in all seventy-five district headquarters in the afternoon on September 19.

“Though the government is preparing to host a grand ceremony to mark on the occasion of the day, oppressed class throughout the country will go against it, and observe it as a black day,” a party leader told Moolbato.

According to party leaders, Nepal’s new Constitution is only the continuation of 1990’s Constitution which is unacceptable to Nepali people. The new constitution, promulgate by second Constituent Assembly, has not secured the rights of the Madhesis, the Tharus, the Janajatis, the Dalits, the women, the Muslims among other oppressed Nepali people.

According to Newa-State, the demonstration is going to be staged at Ratnapark , Kathmandu on Monday afternoon. Party leader and Patriotic People’s Republic Front Chairman CP Gajurel will address the program.

Adibasi Janajati, Madhesi National Liberation Morcha’s appeal

Adibasi Janajati Mahasangh, close to Revolutionary Maoist, Coordinator Kamal Chaudhary has also appealed all Nepali people and oppressed Janajatis to observe September 19 as a black day. Issuing a press release on Sunday, Coordinator Chaudhary said, ‘Only after being united against such government’s activities, we can only promulgate the constitution that favors oppressed class.”

Likewise, issuing a press release, the Chairman of Madhesi National Liberation Morcha, Roshan Janakpuri also appealed all oppressed Madhesi people and all Nepali people to observe September 19 as a black day. 


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