The historical great people’s war had been initiated in Nepal on February 13, 1996 under the leadership of the erstwhile Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). Now we are observing 24th people’s war day amid the process of complex rise and fall of the history and a serious setback of revolution. The tremendous records of sacrifice and bravery presented by thousands of immortal martyrs and disappeared fighters, brave combatants of the people’s liberation army and the masses of the people in the course of great people’s war are memorable.

Likewise, the support, help and sympathy on the part of the world proletariat and the masses of the people is unforgettable as well. In this historical occasion of the 24th people’s war day we pay emotional homage to the brave martyrs and express high regards to the disappeared combatants. In the same manner, we offer warm good wishes to the entire party comrades, fraternal parties and organisations, the world proletariat, respected masses of the people and well-wisher of the world.

हार्दिक शुभकामना !

Though the great people’s war waged in Nepal has suffered a serious setback, but the sacrifice and bravery presented by the people have provided infinite energy for the revolutionto come. Although the erstwhile leadership of the great people’s war has undergone regression by way of revisionism, the genuine revolutionaries have been propelling the process of revolution forward. Our party, on the historical occasion of the great people’s war entering into the 24thyear, makes a commitment of going ahead towards the direction of attaining the highest goal of communism via scientific socialism after accomplishing the new democratic revolution in Nepal.

Even in the course of revolution, the process of counter revolution continues on the part of imperialism, expansionism and all sorts of reactions and revisionisms. But, the victory of Nepalese and the world revolution is inevitable in the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism by confronting and deafiting them all.

Feb 13, 2019


General Secretary

CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)


सम्बन्धित खवर