Abrogation of anti-national treaties on water resources demanded

प्रकाशित मिति : २०७३ पुस १७

Kathmandu: The leaders of CPN (Revolutionary Maoist), CPN (Maoist), and CPN Masal have laid stress on the need to develop national liberation movement to abrogate the anti-national treaties on water resources. Speaking in an interaction programme on “Intervention upon water resources and national independence” that was jointly organised by three parties at Alfa Beta Complex in Baneswhor, Revolutionary Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ laid emphasis on the need to develop national liberation movement. He added that the Nepalese reactionary state through which the Indian expansionism and its Nepalese agents have been exploiting and plundering the Nepalese people must be overthrown. He opined that Nepal can attain all-round development including in water resources only after the Nepalese people build their state power in Nepal.

Netra Vikram Chand, the general secretary of CPN (Maoist), said that India has been capturing Nepal’s natural resources through their agents in Nepal and added Nepalese people will not spare those agents who deceive Nepal and Nepalese people. He requested India to work according to the sentiment of 30 million Nepalese people.

In the same manner, Hemlal Puri, the secretary of people’s front, criticised big party leaders of national betray who surrendered water, land and Jungle to India. Likewise, water resource expert Deepak Gyawali claimed that India wants to capture water from Nepal.

Another expert, Ratna Sansar Shrestha mentioned that Nepalese leaders have invited India more to intervene than India is intervening in Nepal. Ratan Bhandari, who is studying water resources in Nepal, said that India had been capturing Nepalese water resources right from the Sugauli treaty. The program was conducted by the CPN (Maoist) leader Dharmendra Bastola