Press Statement of CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)

प्रकाशित मिति : २०७३ पुस १३

Chaired by Comrade Kiran, the CC meeting of the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) was held from Dec 23 to Dec 25, 2016. The important decisions adopted in the meeting have been publicised as under.

  1. In the beginning, CC meeting paid emotional homage by one minute silence to the immortal martyrs who attained martyrdom in various struggles including great people’s war and mass movements.
  2. The coordinator comrades of all state committees presented their reports on the state of organisation and struggle in the states and districts of their responsibility and the implementation of party decisions. Moreover, the central headquarters too presented the report about the party work.
  3. Chairman Comrade Kiran presented a current political report and a proposal related with three-month campaign for organisation and mass mobilisation in the CC meeting. Both of the proposals were adopted unanimously after thoroughgoing discussion and necessary amendments in them.
  4. The political report has adopted the policy of opposing the constitution amendment bill presented by the government and its opposition both because the former is based on expansionist perspective and the latter is based on the feudal one, of emphasizing to establish federal autonomous provinces based on autonomy with identity, of maintaining unity among the working class people and oppressed masses and of developing struggle to write federal people’s republican constitution by abrogating the present regressive constitution.
  5. The meeting has decided to launch three month campaign for building, expanding and consolidating organisation, awakening people on the problems of national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood, preparing mass base in favour of abrogating the present constitution and establishing federal people’s republican constitution, opposing corruption and black-marketing etc.
  6. The proposed national conference has been postponed and the forthcoming CC meeting will decide about it.
  7. Laying emphasis on the need to build a new type of party and polarise revolutionaries in it, decision has been taken to unify the revolutionary communists who are scattered in difference forms.

With revolutionary greetings!



CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)