Kathmandu . ‘Like before, in memory and honour of Comrade Mao, the great leader of the world proletariat, teacher of revolution and the master of strategy, this year too, Mao’s 124th birth anniversary is being celebrated all over the world. In this great and historical occasion of Mao Day, the central headquarters, on behalf of the central committee, remembers and honours comrade Mao and offers red salute to the world proletariat, Nepalese masses, entire party comrades and well-wishers as well.

      Mao liberated the semi-feudal and semi-colonial China by accomplishing new democratic revolution through protracted people’s war. In the course of socialist revolution, he propelled the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution forward by pioneering the theory of continued revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat. The contribution that Mao made in the development of philosophy, political economy and scientific socialism is of universal significance. In this course, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism developed.

      Today, the dominance of imperialism and right revisionism has been growing in Nepal and the world as well. The revolution in Nepal and the world has suffered a serious setback. In this situation, formidable challenges have emerged in propelling the revolution forward in our country. The need of the day has been to build a revolutionary party, polarise revolutionaries in it, enrich the revolutionary line further and in so doing prepare for the new democratic revolution. In order to firmly march ahead along the path of preparing for revolution by confronting these challenges, the Mao Day provides a sharp ideological weapon and new vigour to us. Comrades, let us celebrate the 124th Mao Day with high honour and firmly march ahead along the path of continued revolution charted by Mao’.  (Press statement, Dec 26, 2016)


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