fffffKathmandu:  The Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) Chairman Mohan Baidya has said that there is no alternative left to prepare for New Democratic Revolution now as the achievements of the people’s war have been crushed and the Nepalese people have been humiliated during the ten years of peace process.

Although some of the issues like republic, federalism and secularism have been incorporated in the constitution; its amendment cannot solve the problem since it does not address the problem confronted by the oppressed people in Nepal, he claimed.

In an interaction programme organised in Kathmandu on November 20, 2016, chairman comrade Kiran said that whatever positive things might be written in constitution, ultimately which class holds the state power decides its application.

“It has been publicised that the constitution has incorporated republic, federalism and secularism, but do they establish people’s right? The question is whether it can solve the problem of workers, peasants, indigenous nationalities, Dalits, Tharus, Muslims and the people from Karnali region who are struggling for their right even today” he said. Chairman Kiran said “Some of the friends have spread confusion that they had written this constitution in their own, but Nepalese people are fully aware of who from where provided mantras for them to do it.”

“It was not that Maoists should not have come into peace process but the question is that the leadership must not have kneeled down completely”, Chairman Kiran clarified. What they have opposed is the complete kneeling down of the party leadership before imperialism, expansionism and their lackeys in Nepal. We, the Maoists, do not agree with any agreements reached in our absence, because we are the main stakeholder. He further clarified that the decision to reach Comprehensive Peace Agreement was not taken from the CC meeting. Some of the Maoist leaders got to change their colour and stood by the neo-revisionist rank.

“Sometime before there was a strong wave of neo-liberalism in the world, people used to say that it does not have any alternative. Now, it has not only failed to solve the economic problems but has been one of the main reasons to create unemployment and widen gap between rich and poor all across the world. People have now started talking about its substitute” he said. He further stressed “It is socialism that can be a real substitute for this and the genuine communists should unitedly go ahead to prepare for new democratic revolution in Nepal.”

Netra Bikram Chanda ‘Biplav’, the general secretary of CPN (Maoist) said, “Efforts are being made to bring the Maoist movement to an end in the name of peace process in Nepal.” However, the people’s movement will arise again because the Maoists have been leading it” he stressed. He assured people that Prachanda and Baburam, who have stood now at one pole and people at the other after the peace process, will not remain unpunished.

Mentioning that parliamentarian parties consider peace process a weakness of Maoists, he requested them to adhere to the commitment they had made before that the comprehensive peace agreement should solve the basic problems the country and people have been confronting since long.

“The comprehensive peace agreement with which goal it was reached has now ended in a wrong way” he said. He added, “The peace process has now become an instrument of counter-revolution”.

The CPN (Maoist Centre) leader Narayan Kaji Shrestha claimed that the present constitution has established people’s fundamental rights in it. The constitution must not be taken wrong when there is problem in implementing it.

Pradip Nepal from UML, Padmaratna Tuladhar and Dr Sundarmani Dixit from the civil society also participated in the programme.

Chaired by Ekraj Bhandari, the interaction programme was held under the banner “Comprehensive peace agreement, constitution and the political way out”.


सम्बन्धित खवर