Those who remain tight-lipped when border has been encroached and who handover entire rivers to the foreigners cannot be patriots!

प्रकाशित मिति : २०७५ बैशाख १५

Kathmandu: Indicating towards Prime Minister Oli and Maoist Centre Chairman Prachanda, Kiran, the General Secretary of the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist), has said that those who remain tight-lipped when borders are encroached and those who surrender entire water resources to the expansionist plunderers cannot be patriots. “The government led by Oli is not a left and communist government but in essence it is a guard of comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie and the feudal class of Nepal”, and “to expect economic development and prosperity from Oli government is a daydream for the Nepalese people”, Kiran added.

Addressing the “Great Awakening and Youth March-past” organised on April 27, 2017 by the Revolutionary Youth League led by party, the chief guest Kiran claimed that UML and Maoist Centre have no right anymore to talk about Jhapa rebellion and People’s War respectively because they have played a leading role to reinstate and institutionalise the rotten parliamentary system by betraying the Jhapa rebellion and People’s War aimed at uprooting the very parliamentary system. “We are the real successors of Jhapa rebellion and the People’s War. We hold high the red banner of New Democratic Revolution pending from 1949”, he added.

Urging that the country and people are seeking alternative to the rotten parliamentary system now, the General Secretary Kiran asserted that the New Democratic Revolution is indispensable to solve the ghastly problems of national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood. In the course of going forward to the ideological, political, organisational and technical preparations of the New Democratic Revolution and its accomplishment, “The youths, as Marx had stated, must remain prepared to seek glorious life of great sacrifice for the revolutionary transformation of the country and people by giving up personal interests”, he appealed.

Addressing the march-past, the standing committee member of the party, Ramsingh Srish said that the epochal responsibility of accomplishing new democratic revolution has fallen on the shoulders of youths and opined that the revolutionary youths should go ahead with prudence and courage. Saying that this demonstration has cautioned the reactionaries and opportunists, “the entire Nepalese youths scattered all across the world should be rallied in the process of new democratic revolution”, he opined.    

Amir Maharjan ‘Akash’, the chairman of Revolutionary Youth League, Nepal, said that time has come for the youths, scattered all across the world, to raise the red banner of new democratic revolution and make working class people the master of this country by liberating it from the yoke of the domestic and foreign reactionaries.  He called on the youths to seek their destiny not in the Gulf countries but in their own.

The concluding part of the march-past was chaired by Basanta Bogati and conducted by Keshav Dhalkoti.