Press Statement of Revolutionary Maoist on the occasion of the birth day of Lenin

प्रकाशित मिति : २०७५ बैशाख १५

माेहन वैद्य ‘किरण’

Today, April 22, is the birthday of Lenin, a great leader of international communist movement and as well the founding day of the Communist Party of Nepal. Great Lenin had made a substantial contribution to applying Marxism in Russia, delivering a new message to the world by providing leadership for the accomplishment of socialist revolution and developing guiding principle of the proletariat to Marxism-Leninism. Right on the very birthday of Lenin, the Communist Party of Nepal was established in April 22, 1949 under the leadership of comrade Pushpalal.

Our party remembers and respects great Lenin in this historic day. And remembering party’s founding day, party expresses heartfelt salute to the entire masses and comrades, who sacrificed their life and showed valour in the Nepalese communist movement, people’s war and mass movement.

Also, in this historical occasion, our party, opposing right revisionism present in the Nepalese communist movement, makes a special appeal to go ahead to scientific socialism by accomplishing new democratic revolution against the comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie and feudal class and the imperialist and expansionist oppression by way of uniting revolutionary communist groups and individuals.


Mohan Baidhya Kiran

General Secretary of Revolutionary Maoist