Kathmandu . NCP (Revolutionary Maoist) has issued a historical Press Statement on the occasion of 23rd People’s War Day . Press Statement is as following :

“We are observing the twenty-third People’s War Day, today. Twenty-three years before, the great people’s war was initiated on February 13, 1996 under the leadership of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The very people’s war had aimed at attaining communism via socialism after establishing the new democratic state in Nepal. Creating upheavals in the Nepalese politics and spreading influence the world over, the people’s war, which continued for 10 years, was attaining to its climax. Nevertheless, owing to serious betrayal on the part of party’s main leadership, the people’s war suffered a serious setback.

Thousands of valiant fighters attained martyrdom during the great people’s war. Several were disappeared by the state. Several got wounded and were disabled. In this historical occasion of the twenty-third People’s War Day, we offer emotional tribute to the great martyrs of people’s war. We admire and remember the disappeared fighters. Also, we have high regard for the entire fighters injured and disabled in the course of people’s war. Yet again, we highly honour the family members of the brave martyrs and disappeared fighters. In the same manner, we express our heartfelt well-wishes and offer red salute to the entire party comrades, well-wishers of revolution, change-loving people and the fraternal parties and comrades and the world proletariat as well.

The constituent assembly that emerged in the midst of people’s war inked a constitution by reinstating the regressive state power and the parliamentary system. The dreams of liberation and freedom of the country and people could not be materialised. This year, the implementation of parliamentary constitution is being boasted by staging a drama of local, provisional and central elections. The hegemony of right revisionism is escalating in the name of left alliance. In this complicated situation, strengthening the party under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and laying emphasis to unify genuine revolutionary communists, we are proceeding ahead towards the preparation of new democratic revolution. The real meaning and justification of observing the twenty-third People’s War Day lies in firmly going ahead to attain this goal. Once again well-wishes! Revolutionary Greetings!! Red Salute!!”

February 13, 2018



General Secretary


सम्बन्धित खवर

ताजा समाचार