Kathmandu: The CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) has called on the scattered revolutionary communist centres, groups and individuals to come forward for revolutionary polarisation and unity.

In the press communiqué issued to publicise the decisions adopted by the Central Committee Meeting concluded on the last Friday, Chairman Mohan Vaidya has called for party unification and polarisation based on the ideological, political and organisational principles among those centres that agree with democratic centralism. The central committee meeting held on the eve of party’s national conference made this call.

The communiqué issued by Chairman Kiran writes, “In the present situation when ten years’ people’s war and mass movements have suffered serious setbacks, the problems related to national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood have become even more serious and the right revisionism has badly prevailed, our party, in view of building a unified revolutionary party, has decided to call for principled party unity and polarisation among revolutionary communist centres and groups that a) follow Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, b) accept the line of new democratic revolution, c) accept the theory of violence in revolution, d) disregard the present regressive constitution, e) do not partake in the cabinet of the present state system and f) agree with democratic centralism.”

The CC meeting held in July 10-15, 2017, adopted the main trend and spirit of two documents – Political Report and The Form of Nepalese Society and Party’s General Line – presented by Chairman Kiran and that of Party Constitution presented by Ram Singh Shrish.

In those documents, it is stated that the country is still in the semi-feudal, semi-colonial and neo-colonial condition, the new democratic revolution is indispensable and party aims at reaching communism through socialism. In the same manner, party has evaluated that the decision to support the candidates nominated by Patriotic People’s Republican Front, Nepal, in the recently held election was correct and the result was as the party had anticipated.

The communiqué issued by Chairman Kiran says, “On the one hand there have been various irregularities, farcical behaviours and riggings on the part of reactionary and parliamentarian parties in this election and on the other the political parties, giving up their ideological and political agendas, have even made unholy pacts with one to another. It should be regarded as a crisis of the political identity of the present state and the parliamentarian system.”


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