Kathmandu: The CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) Chairman Mohan Vaidya ‘Kiran’ has said that the reactionary parliamentarian system has undergone a serious crisis. He said it in a programme organized by All Nepal Revolutionary Trade Union Federation at Kupandole on the occasion of 128th May Day.

“The latest events of Nepalese politics have brought about serious crisis in the reactionary state power and the system” Vaidya said, “The difference seen amongst legislative, executive and the judiciary has made the crisis among reactionaries reach to its climax. No other system than new democracy and scientific socialism can provide lasting solution to this crisis.”

Saying that the essence of Marxism is the dictatorship of the proletariat, Kiran said Prachanda and Baburam betrayed the goal the people’s war had taken of reaching to socialism and communism after accomplishing new democratic revolution. Kiran asserted that the revolutionaries have to shoulder the responsibility of propelling the revolution forward by consolidating the Maoist movement, which has been defensive.

Chairman Kiran said, “The imperialism succeeded to create split among the communists and the communists failed to divide the imperialists. We should go ahead by synthesizing it in a scientific way.”

Member of the central headquarters, Ramsingh Shrish, said that no emancipation of working class is possible without establishing the state power of the proletariat. And he emphasized that there is no any other alternative to revolution.

The secretariat member of the revolutionary Maoist and the coordinator of Newa State laid stress on the need to forcefully push the labour movement forward by raising the issue of ‘No work no pay’.

Pawanman Shrestha, Nagendra rai, the secretariat members of the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist), were present in the programme Chaired by Iswhor Timilsena and conducted by Phurnamgel Moktan to observe the 128th international worker’s day. Thaman Singh Tamang had welcomed the chief guest, other guests and participants present in the programme.


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