Today, 128th International May Day is being observed all over the world. The workers in America, 128 years before, had succeeded to make their demand of 8 hours working day fulfilled. In this historical occasion, our party expresses heartfelt greetings to the entire workers and comrades.

Today, on the one hand, the oppression upon working class people has intensified and, on the other, the present reactionary state and the system is undergoing a serious crisis. The impeachment motion has been registered against the Chief Justice. Resignations are being tendered from within the ruling political parties. Right at this time, dramas of constitution implementation, election and constitution amendment are being staged. The contradiction within the ruling parties is also sharpening, not only between the ruling and opposition parties. Not only this, the contradiction amongst executive, judiciary and legislative bodies of the reactionary state power is culminating. We should comprehend these contradictions as the manifestations of the crisis of reactionary state power and the system. In view of the objectively favouring situation for revolution at present, we must lay emphasis on the need to prepare subjective strength.

Taking this historical day as the revolutionary international workers day, let us firmly march ahead along the direction of scientific socialism and communism by making preparation of new democratic revolution against the imperialist and expansionist intervention and the oppression of comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie and the feudal class. Long live proletarian internationalism!

May 1, 2017

Mohan Vaidya ‘Kiran’


CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)



सम्बन्धित खवर