Kathmandu: CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) chairman Kiran has said that the real ideal of new democratic revolution has not been disordered yet.

Speaking in the programme organised by Ichchhuk Cultural Academy in the capital on the occasion of 15th Memorial Day of the great martyr Krishna Sen Ichchhuk and Cultural Sacrifice Day, he pointed out on the need to learn from the ideal of the martyrs like Ichchhuk.

Stating that ideological degeneration has led to division in the Maoist movement, he elucidated that they were working hard to accomplish the new democratic revolution in Nepal.

Mentioning that some people have talked of absolute unity, he said, “We are prepared for unity to make revolution not for sharing the crumbs of exploitation.”

He laid stress on the need to concretely decide the class enemies to accomplish new democratic revolution in Nepal. He said, ‘The ideal of Ichchhuk is the ideal of class consciousness. Those who forget this does not mean their honour to Ichchhuk. The class enemy should be concretely determined to make revolution. How does the revolution take place by uniting with the reactionaries like NC and UML? Let’s decide the class enemy first, and debate later.”

He said, a big section of revolutionaries, who came from the Maoist movement, have degenerated from the ideal of revolution and the revolution has felt stagnation for being unable to decide the class enemy.

He laid stress on the need to centralise movement against parliamentarian reactionary forces. To pursue the ideal of Ichchhuk is the real tribute to him, he said.

The “Ichchhuk memorial prize – 2074” has been awarded jointly to Poet Anil Shrestha and the journalist Navin Bibhas. The prize amounts to Rupees 1 Lakh in total.

In the same manner, Ichchhuk Genius Prize for literature has been awarded to Pancha Kumari Pariyar, from Khotang, whereas that for art has been awarded to Chyangva Yonjan ‘Anish’ from Sindhupalchowk Chautara. Both these prizes amount to Rupees 25 thousands each.

Anil Shrestha, who was awarded Ichchhuk Memorial Prize, handed over the very amount of the prize he had received to the Academy Chairman Ishwarchandra Gyawali to construct Ichchhuk Museum in the Ichchhuk Cultural Academy.

Along with many personalities who had had special contribution in the field of literature, Ichchhuk’s spouse Takma KC and his daughter had participated in the programme.


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