indra-Mohan-sigdel-moolbato-revolutionary-maoist-nepal-leaderOn November 9, 2016 presidential election took place in the United States of America. Donald Trump, the candidate of Republican Party, has been elected so as to take charge of the president of America. He is the 45th president elected from the 58th election of America that takes place in every four years. He secured 290 votes from 538 voters of the Electoral College, which is decisive in the US election. Hillary Clinton, the contender from the Democratic Party, obtained only 228 votes. However, the result was just opposite in the popular vote. Clinton, who was defeated in the presidential election, secured 60,467,601 votes, which is 47.71 per cent of the total valid votes cast in the poll. But, Donald Trump, the president-elect, amassed 60,072,551, which is only 47.41 percent of the valid cast votes. Nearly 128.8 million people cast their vote out of about 231 million eligible voters this time in America. That is, only 56.9 percent of the voters turned up in this election.

This election was talked more than any other elections held in America before. Donald Trump presented himself in an offensive and meagre way during his election campaign. He stated that he would not agree with the result if he was declared defeated. He even threatened that he would not only put Clinton behind bars but could eliminate her if he won the election. The main thrust of his electoral campaign was laid on to “Make America Great Again”. In the course of his election campaign, he was sharp critic of Nato, one of the main cornerstones of US foreign policy and he intensely opposed neo-liberalism and globalisation as well. He also declared that he would abrogate the Paris agreement on climate change within 100 days of his office as the president of US. Apart from all these, he declared that he would chase off Muslims from America, make the entire immigrants including those from Colombia cross the boundary and erect a wall across the US-Colombia border. He was not at all receptive towards women during the whole period of his campaign. Notwithstanding this, Donald Trump, who has come up with plans to help establish white people’s national chauvinism in the American society and push the country towards fascism, has been elected as the president of America. It has now become an irrefutable reality.

Ever since the candidacy of Donald Trump in the presidential election of America, the media all across the world poured against him. In view of his meagre expression and offensive campaign hardly a few people in the world had imagined that he would emerge victorious in the election. Never was his name seen at the top of the poll survey results. One of the billionaires Donald Trump, who had begun his business as a real estate dealer, was never seen in political activities prior to this election. Trump, who had entered into party just a year before, seemed dwarf in front of Hillary Clinton, who had attained the position of foreign secretary in her own capacity and was the wife of Bill Clinton, the ex-president of America. In addition to this, his party was not unified with him. The state of intra-party feud is clear from the fact that the ex-president George W Bush did not even cast his vote to Trump. In this situation, it was not unnatural to guess that Hillary Clinton would emerge victorious in the poll.

However, the result turned just to its opposite. Donald Trump got elected as the president of America. Not only he emerged victorious, but the republicans have secured majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate both. It is a very comfortable position for Donald Trump in the White House. He has emerged as a strong president of America from this election. His opponents are carrying out protests in the street, his effigies are being burnt and talks are going on to pass a bill of impeachment against him. But, the situation is not that easy for them to do it. Except in an unanticipated condition, he has become a strong president of America for the coming four years. It’s a bitter reality.

After the election result has come out, the apologists of the world imperialist system, mainly the Nato group, are restless. It is estimated that this result may bring about a big disorder in the politico-economic scenario of the world. It is obvious. One must not assume it as an unexpected but usual change merely in the political graph of America, which is the ringleader of the world imperialist system. It gives a clear signal towards the fact that the politico-economic milieu of the world is directed towards a new trend. Some of the political events that have started cropping up from the second half of the first decade, in general, and from the later few years, in particular, justify it.

How did Donald Trump get elected amid the challenges posed by his weak political career, opposition from the world media and the intra-party feud? Mainly two reasons: one, his electoral slogan of “Make America Great Again” and two, his opposition to neo-liberalism and globalization seem to be responsible for his victory in election. The first slogan incited the high-nation chauvinism of the American whites and the second one made the American proletariat see relief in it from the hardships caused by neo-liberalism and globalisation. Mainly these two seem to be the main bases behind his victory.

These are a few important reasons on how these bases were built. The erstwhile dominant imperialist countries like England, German, Japan and Italy were pushed far behind in the world political scenario after the World War II. The US occupied that place. America developed its politico-economic status in such a way that it became the ringleader of the imperialist world order and the richest country in the world economically. The share of US GDP had exceeded to more than 50% of the world economic output. It was a matter of glory for the elite class American whites and was inciting their high-nation chauvinism further. But, the situation in America now is not like that of before. American domination is declining in the world politics. The economic share of America has now fallen to 22.53 percent of the total world output. It was obvious for the ultra-nationalist American whites to get their dignity hurt by the issues like this. In this backdrop, the electoral slogan of “Make America Great Again” encouraged those American whites who were high-nation chauvinist and so they queued up to vote for the fascist Donald Trump. It was one of the important reasons behind his electoral victory.

We have been witnessing in the history that the world imperialist economy has been undergoing serious crisis one after another. Concretely speaking, the economic crisis that had begun mainly after 2008 from America has now engulfed the whole world. There is nowhere any sign that this crisis is going to end. On the contrary, this very crisis has been widening the economic gap between rich and poor all across the world while on the other the imperialists have been cutting down peoples’ pay, pension and health facility including the social security allowance. In this situation, the daily bread and butter problem of the broad masses in general and that of the low-waged workers in particular has become serious. It is equally true for all countries including America.

In the course of election campaign, Hillary Clinton i.e. the American establishment stood in favour of neo-liberalism and globalisation while Trump stood against them. He declared that his programme would be to re-establish in America the industries shifted to foreign countries and then provide employment to the unemployed youths. Trump’s stance against neo-liberalism seemed to be momentary relief to the working class people when the proletarian leadership had been very weak in the American labour movement. Not only this, the workers in America saw their future protected because his future programme as a president was to control the foreign workers from entering America and send the immigrants back to their country. All this made the American workers stand in favour of Trump. It is another important reason behind his victory.

What was witnessed during election in America is not limited to its internal matter alone but a reflection of the world situation. The independent role in economy and politics of a country has ended as a result of the programmes like structural adjustment, privatisation and globalisation that had been adopted to get rid of the business barriers within countries. Many people have started calling this crisis as the crisis of neo-liberalism. In these days, opposition to neo-liberalism has extended to the notch and corner of the world and people have started raising voice strongly to re-establish decisive role of the given country in their internal affairs including economy and politics.

Rise of Trump in this election and peoples’ opinion witnessed in favour of high-nation chauvinism of the American whites is mainly the expression of the aforesaid situation prompted by neo-liberalism. When we look back to history, the situation in Germany at the time of Hitler’s rise was basically the same as it is now in America. Moreover, the unanticipated result of Brexit that came out in the referendum held in UK was in fact nothing other than peoples’ hunt for ultra-nationalist role in the internal affairs of Britain.

Under the direct guidance of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, the Washington Consensus that put forward, in 1989, neo-liberalism as a guide for the then economic policy has turned counter-productive now. What a strange coincidence, the search for an alternative to it has started from the same parties and from the same countries. But, in absence of strong communist movement the reactionary ultra-nationalists bourgeoisie are going harvest benefit from this crisis. Given the ramifying crisis of neo-liberalism, and weak communist movement at present, the hunt for its alternative seems to be ultra-nationalism all across the world. The recent political events in America and Britain justify this fact. And, in an ultimate sense, ultra-nationalism is fascism. Therefore, the main trend of the imperialist world order in the days ahead is not neo-liberalism but fascism.

November 15, 2016


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