Kathmandu – The Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) has reaffirmed that the party is always committed to One-China Policy.

Issuing a press release by the Party Chairman Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ on Friday to publicize the decisions taken in the Party Central Secretariat meeting held on November 8-10, the party stated that it is always firm on One-China Policy.

Stating that “Some activities that have surfaced contrary to Nepal’s non-aligned foreign policy and Panchasheel concept, have seriously drawn our party attention,” the statement reads, “We want to re-assure that our party is firm on One-China Policy and non-interference principle into each other’s sovereignty and national independence.”

Party has also stated the issues that were raised during different people’s movements and the decade- long people’s war in Nepal can be institutionalized after drafting a people’s federal democratic constitution. “… Such constitution can be written only after scrapping the current constitution which represents the rights of feudal, comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie,” reads the statement.

Furthermore, the meeting adopted decision to step up efforts to develop struggle in favour of national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood by establishing tactical unity with political forces.

The meeting has also decided to stage nationwide protest in favour of national independence, people’s democracy and people’s livelihood, on November 25.

Likewise, the party has taken decision to step up efforts for polarizing the entire revolutionary communist forces and building a revolutionary communist Party in Nepal.



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