Kathmandu – The Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) Chairman Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ stressed on the need to raise arms to defend national independence and sovereignty when all other options fail to achieve it.

Addressing the corner speech organized by eight different leftist parties against 25-point joint statement between India and Nepal in Kathmandu on Tuesday, Chairman Baidya stressed on the need to move ahead keeping national independence and people’s aspiration at centre.

Stating that one of the points in the said statement aims at handing over Nepal’s foreign policy to India, Chairman Baidya demanded annulment of such an anti-national statement at the earliest.

Baidya also pointed on the need to develop unity among all genuine communists for defending national independence.

“Some political parties raise at times the national sovereignty as a burning issue” he said, “but they forget the issue as soon as their interest is fulfilled.” He was also of the opinion that all genuine patriotic and genuine leftists forces and individuals must unite to defend national sovereignty.

“We might be small in size, our movement might be weak in the beginning, but we are confident that they can turn into strong national liberation movement capable to liberate the nation,” he said. “We will keep continuing our movement against national betray” he further noted.

He also reiterated that the national liberation movement will not be paused until and unless the country is free from imperialist and expansionist domination and the entire unequal treaties, including 1950 Peace and Friendship Treaty, are annulled.

Similarly, speaking at the corner speech, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal (ML), CP Mainali, demanded to scrap the 25-point joint statement.

On the occasion, the General Secretary of Rastriya Janamorcha, Janakraj Sharma and General Secretary of Janamorcha Nepal, Sadhya Bahadur Bhandari, among others, stressed on the need to unitedly move ahead, keeping national sovereignty at centre. 


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