Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown his ‘big brother’ attitude by entering unexpectedly in a one-on-one meeting that Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal was holding with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Goa, India, on Sunday.

While PM Dahal was holding bilateral talks with Chinese President Xi, Indian PM Modi entered the hall and the trio discussed on issues of mutual interests, PM Dahal’s personal secretary Prakash Dahal writes in his Facebook.

An unexpected entrance of a third person in a secret meeting of the head of the sovereign states is against diplomatic norms.

According to diplomats, Modi dared to enter the hall only because of the 11th point of 25-point joint statement that was signed between PM Dahal and PM Modi during the former’s state visit to India, this month. 

PM Dahal’s spouse Sita Dahal was also present in the meeting.


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