Armed struggle necessary to accomplish new democratic revolution in Nepal: Revolutionary Maoist Chairman Baidya

प्रकाशित मिति : २०७३ भाद्र १५

baaidya-chinese-moolbatoA Chinese team called on Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) Chairman Mohan Baidya at the party’s central office in Buddhanagar on Sunday. A team of ‘The Academy of China and World Agenda’, led by Deputy Dean Dr. Sun Li Jong met Chairman Baidya and briefly discussed about prospects of new democratic revolution in Nepal. During meeting, Revolutionary Maoist Chairman Baidya told them that armed struggle is inevitable to succeed new democratic revolution.  

In the meeting, Chinese team asked Chairman Baidya about the reason behind the splits in party since the peace process began in Nepal. 

Responding to the queries put forth by them, Chairman Baidya stated he had to build different party after realizing that Prachanda-Baburam clique had deviated from party line and agenda. “Since the peace process began in Nepal, Prachanda and Baburam clique got lost in parliamentary system, but we oppose it.”.

Earlier, addressing the training program organized under party’s Western Command in Banke, Nepalgunj on Bhadra 10, Chairman Baidya said that party has been struggling since long to establish new democratic revolution in the country. “It is certain that oppressed class will triumph over the oppressors in such revolution,” he pledged.

Addressing the program, he said to bring imperialist intervention to an end and defend national sovereignty are the two main tasks of new democratic revolution. He also recalled Chinese history where imperialist intervention had not ended in China even after abolition of monarchy in 1911.

Though abolition of monarchy in Nepal has weakened feudalism to some extent, he said, “Nepal has still been ruled by the puppets of foreign reactionaries.”  He further said, “Currently, Nepal is a neo-colonial country. Nepal has been ruled by the foreign agents.” He then stressed to abrogate all unequal treaties between Nepal and India to end such foreign intervention and to solve problems related to nationalism.  

Earlier, training program of the party under Mid-western Command was held in Butwal on Bhadra 8. Since last few months, the party has been focusing on discussion of ideology-politics in the party, reorganization of different committees and carrying out economic management. Party leaders have claimed that recent training and schooling programs organized by the party across Nepal have helped to consolidate organizations and clarify the confusion among the cadres created by latest split in the party. All these activities have created encouragement among the cadres and the revolutionary masses as well.