The Anti-imperialist Antifascist International United Front is delighted that the masses in the US have voted the fascist linked Donald Trump out of office. This is a clear sign against the anti-worker reactionary, racist, anti-women and anti-environmental policies. The election is an expression of a progressive change of mood in the USA and a great politicization, but also polarization. Black Lives Matter with worldwide impact and over 1000 strikes in recent months show that the independent initiatives of the working class and the masses are also growing.

हार्दिक शुभकामना !

The mass movement should not subside now. There should be no illusions about   Joe Biden who is also an ultra-reactionary imperialist politician. He will probably take on a different tone and take a different stand on one issue or another. But he, too, defends the US imperialist claim to supremacy and imperialist policies across the globe.

At the same time, the mass movement must remain vigilant against Donald Trump and the fascist forces in the USA. He is quite capable of attempting a coup d’état, and, after all, his demagogy won him 70 million votes.

The anti-imperialist and antifascist organizations, which have come together in the international united front, reach out to all organizations in the USA for a common struggle. The real winners of the elections are the masses with their political activism. They need a clear anti-imperialist, socialist perspective against the bogus alternative Trump or Biden. Therefore, the anti-imperialist and revolutionary forces of the USA are sincerely welcome to participate in the anti-imperialist united front against fascism and war.
Never again fascism!

Long live the international anti-imperialist struggle!

Strengthen the Anti-imperialist Antifascist International United Front!

 Signed by

Monika Gärtner-Engel, ICOR Main Coordinator


सम्बन्धित खवर