Kathmandu: The General Secretary of CPN (Revolutionary Maoist), Mohan Vaiddya Kiran has said that their participation in the present election is to overthrow the parliamentary system itself. He said it in a programme organised by Kathmandu district committee of Patriotic People’s Republican Front, Nepal which is supported by CPN (Revolutionary Maoist). General Secretary Kiran said, “The parties including NC, UML and MC have participated in the election to strengthen the old parliamentarian system while we have gone to election to overthrow it.”

Remembering that the ten years long people’s war was waged against parliamentary system for national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood, the General Secretary Vaiddya said that country and the people were deceived when people’s war was close to victory. The country has not undergone any change because NC and UML were in the state power when people’s war was initiated before and the same parties are now in the state power again, the General Secretary asserted.

In the same manner, the senior leader of Revolutionary Maoist and the Chairman of Patriotic People’s Republican Front, Nepal C. P. Gajurel expressed concern that the agents, smugglers and corrupted people seem to be going to control the parliament in the country again. Saying that both of the alliances led by NC and UML have nominated smugglers, gangsters and agents as their candidate, he claimed that these electoral coalitions are reactionary. He laid emphasis on the need to establish People’s Republic because the present constitution is regressive, the system is reactionary and the present state power is against the nation and people. In order to provide correct solution for national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood and attain the goal of establishing People’s Republic in the country the candidates should be voted on “fist” the election symbol of PPRF, Chairman Gajurel said.

The leaders including Ramsingh Sris, one of the members of ex-headquarters team of the Revolutionary Maoist and party CCM and the PPRF candidate of Kathmandu-10, Suresh Shrestha had addressed the programme. Many leaders including Central Headquarters member of PPRF and coordinator of Province-3, Pawanman Shrestha and Surya Bahadur Nakarmi were present in the programme.

Kiran Shahi, the CCM of PPRF and the coordinator of Kathmandu district, had chaired the programme conducted by Ishwor Chandra Gyawali. Many local youths including Ram Kumar Shrestha, Ashok Shrestha and Bishnu Das joined PPRF by deserting other parties. Many local people had participated in the programme which was live telecast by Sagarmatha Television.


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