Current constitution has no space for oppressed class and nationalities: Baidya

प्रकाशित मिति : २०७३ मंसिर २८

Kathmandu – CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) Chairman Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’
has said that the current constitution has no space for oppressed
class and nationalities. Addressing an interaction program on ‘Dispute
and Debate Arisen on Constitution’ organized by the Patriotic People’s
Democratic Republican Front, Nepal, Newa State Coordination Committee
in Capital on Monday, Kiran said so.

Reiterating that scrapping of current constitution is the need of the
hour as it represents reactionary forces, Kiran said Prachanda-Baburam
clique turned ahead of Congress and UML for not providing rights of
the oppressed class and nationalities. “Rather, Congress and UML must
be thanked as they accepted republic, secularism, among others, which
were not their agenda.” 

“Wrongdoers are the so-called Maoists, our so-called leaders who all
destroyed the achievements of the People’s War, departed from all of
our agendas, demolished the People’s War and Maoist movement, and most
importantly, surrendered in front of expansionism and imperialism,” he

Pointing towards ongoing political crisis in Nepal, Kiran stated,
“Such crisis can only be solved by the new democratic revolution.”
Kiran also stressed on the need of unifying and polarizing entire
revolutionary and patriotic forces for such revolution.
Addressing the interaction program, CPN (Maoist) Standing Committee
Member Dharmendra Bastola said that having debate on the contents of
current constitution is the waste of time. Such reactionary
constitution promulgated by expansionist and imperialist forces should
be scrapped and blazed and people’s democratic constitution should be
written through revolution.

Bastola said, “New constitution that guarantees the national
sovereignty, people’s democracy and livelihood should be written by
unifying entire genuine revolutionary forces and communists.”
The program in which Revolutionary Maoist Central Secretariat Member
Pawan Man Shrestha had presented a concept paper in points for
discussion, senior lawyer Prof. Dr. Krishna Belbase discussed the
fundamental concept, norms and trends of the constitution.
Spokesperson of Indigenous Nationalities Movement Prof. Dr Om Gurung
stated that the federalism without name and demarcation is worthless.
He further stressed that the movement of indigenous nationalities must
be driven towards the direction of revolutionary change.

The program, chaired by People’s Democratic Republican Front, Nepal’s
Newa state coordinator Gorki Shrestha, was conducted by Front’s Office
Secretary Hari Krishna Gajurel.