First, the open development of Tibet and the “Belt and Road” initiative. This part divided into 3 parts: great achievements in the democratic reform in Tibet for 60 years, great idea of “Belt and Road” initiative, the orientation and achievements of Tibet in the “Belt and Road” construction.

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Second, analysis of listed companies in TAR that involved in the “Belt and Road” construction. This part contains 3 aspects: the characteristic of economic and industrial structure in TAR, the industrial distribution of listed companies in TAR, the investment and development of listed companies of TAR along the Belt and Road.

Third, the main idea of this part is that “Stepping-out” strategy is an important action for the extension of Tibet open development. Tibet need to combine industrial structure and its advantage, exerting the core competitiveness of its listed companies, fusing the influence of Tibetan history and culture in international communication, thus reflecting the major point of “Belt and Road” initiative.

The fourth part is policy suggestion. Macro-policy encourages and guides enterprises to involve in the construction of Belt and Road, preferential policy stimulates and supports enterprises with long-term development, financial instrument assort and assist enterprises to seize qualified projects, cultural propaganda creates the learning and communication opportunity for enterprises, and long-term planning with companies standard would re-feeding the development of economical society in TAR.

Last part of this paper is the conclusion. TAR enterprises should emancipating the mind, embracing responsibility with passion, taking the historic opportunity of “Belt and Road” initiative, following the international development tendency to play an active role in Tibet open development.



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