Selling Nepal’s water resources is like selling the country itself: Hari Bhakta Kandel

प्रकाशित मिति : २०७३ पुस २६

Birendranagar: Stating that water and electricity are like raw materials, the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) Central Office Member Haribhakta Kandel ‘Prateek’ said selling such raw materials to a foreign country is as national betrayal as selling the country itself.

“Currently, Nepal’s national sovereignty is at fragile state, the movement of national independence should be expanded through both internal and external sectors,” he pointed out.

Addressing the program organized by three communist parties against the Project Development Agreement of Upper Karnali Project with Indian Multinational Company, GMR, he said that Nepal’s entire development has been hindered as the country is moving towards the direction of liberalization and privatization as the outcome of Capitalism.

To be constructed at an estimated cost of NRs 140 billion (Rs.87.5billion), the 900-MW Upper Karnali project is one of the largest hydropower power projects in Nepal and the one with the biggest foreign investment till the date.

Prateek, also the Party spokesperson said, “Revolutionary communists are nationalists, but the so-called communists are traitor and agents. Nepal’s overall progress has been hindered as such so-called communists are doing what their foreign lords ask them to do. This has made Nepal’s national independence more fragile.”

“The process of selling Nepal’s water to foreign countries began from the Panchayat era,” he stated, “The so-called communists are ahead than others in doing so.” He also pointed out that Prachanda, who led the People’s War in Nepal, is at the top of such agents for selling Nepal’s national independence through unequal agreements with India including BIPPA and 25-point joint agreement.

He went on to say Karnali Project could have been constructed by the state itself. “Such national pride projects like Karnali could have been carried out through the investment of Nepal and the Nepalese people. Selling water is like selling the country itself,” he noted.

He further expressed the view that the economic status of Nepalese people can be uplifted by constructing such projects of national pride, creating job opportunities to unemployed Nepalese youths.

He also demanded to scrap such agreement with Indian consortium.

On the occasion, CPN (Maoist) leader Hemanta Prakash Oli ‘Sudarsha’ demanded to scrap such agreement with Indian company and expressed the necessity of constructing national pride projects in Nepal’s own investment. Stating that there are more traitors than the nationalists in the Prachanda-government, “Such traitors must be punished,” he stressed. 

Oli further stated that the national liberation movement won’t be stopped until such agreements with India are annulled.

Meanwhile, CPN Masal leader Bhairav Raj Regmi said that such national pride projects must be constructed in Nepal’s own investment.

The program was jointly organized by the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist), CPN (Maoist) and CPN Masal.