1. This convention strongly condemns the terrorist attack in which 12 Nepalese security guards were brutally killed in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan and.  This convenetion pays special tribute observing heartily homage to the dead ones, and expresses deep condolence to the bereaved family members. Also, this convention strongly demands to arrange in no time appropriate respite to the families of the dead ones and wishes quick recovery of the wounded. In addition to this, it demands to stop atrocities upon the Nepalese people, who have migrated abroad for their employment, and push the process forward immediately to keep up their security.
  2. On the basis of the PDA and PTA that were reached amid people’s strong protest, the act of forcefully carrying out the projects, Upper Karnali and Arun III, by mobilising Nepal Army must be stopped immediately.
  3. The entire unequal treaties between India and Nepal including 1950 treaty must be repealed.
  4. All sorts of foreign interventions upon Nepal must be stopped.
  5. The boarder encroachment from the Indian Government must be stopped and a bilateral treaty should be reached as to fully protect the established Nepalese boarder.
  6. Our party is for one China policy. This convention reiterates that Tibet is an inseparable part of China.
  7. Our party support the just demands raised by the movement of Madheshi, Tharu and Indigenopus peoples. We have our solidarity wth their movement. We will try to relate their movement with the movement of class liberation. Our party will also initiate such movement and the struggle independently on our own.
  8. Peoples’ constitution must be written by discarding the regressive one.
  9. The cases of people’s war period must not be taken to court’s jurisdiction. Those cases must be handled through ‘Truth and reconciliation commission’.
  10. The commitment that the government had made to publicise comrades who were disappeared by the state during people’s war must be implemented soon.
  11. No management has been made yet to the quake victims even after 14 months. It must be done soon.
  12. The necessary commodities must be made available in cheap price by controlling the black-marketing and smuggling that had been institutionalised ever since the blockade from India.
  13. Rape, the heinous form of violence on women, has been increasing rapidly. The culprits must not be protected, stern action must be taken upon them and women’s safety must be guaranteed.
  14. The misbehaviour of untouchability to which the people’s governments had controlled during people’s war has been rapidly increasing. This inhuman act must be stopped immediately and stern actions must be taken on those who are involved in it.
  15. The land registration that the people’s government had acted upon during people’s war must be validated.
  16. The election is a deception in the present transitional period during which the debate on the restructuring of the state has not been completed.
  17. The condition in which Nepalese youths are compelled to go abroad must be brought to an end by creating jobs in Nepal.
  18. Appropriate price and market must be guaranteed for peasant’s production.
  19. This convention supports the just demand of equal pension and facility that the Nepalese Gorkha Army have placed before the British Government and demands that they must be fulfilled.
  20. This convention expresses its solidarity to the people’s struggle that the people of America have been waging against the oppression imposed by the US imperialism upon its poor and black people.
  21. This convention strongly opposes the unlawful arrest of Delhi University professor G N Saibaba and Appa Rao by the Indian government and demands their immediate release.
  22. The entire employees ranging from school to universities and corporation to Nepal Government officials must be appointed through open competition and commission.
  23. This convention demands that the oppression upon people by the government officials and the loss incurred by wild animals must be stopped in the vicinity of Bardia National Park.
  24. In the pretext of protecting Dhorpatan National Park of Baglung, eviction of the indigenous nationalities and Dalits by mobilising Nepal army must be stopped immediately from that region.
  25. A powerful citizenship investigation commission must be set up.
  26. The temporary teachers must be made permanent by sorting out appropriate criteria.
  27. The double standard in Education must be rescinded.
  28. West Seti must be constructed with 50% share from the people.


CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)  

June 23, 2016


सम्बन्धित खवर