Mohan Baidya issues press statement on the occasion of 22nd anniversary of the People’s War in Nepal

Kathmandu: The Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) Chairman Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ has issued a press statement on the occasion of 22nd anniversary of the People’s War (PW) in Nepal. Stating that the right opportunist deviation in party’s main leadership was the reason behind the setback of PW even after reaching to strategic offensive stage, […]

Inter-imperialist contradiction and proletarian revolution

Two important events that have a wide-ranging bearing in the global politico-economic field have come about in the third week of January 2017. Donald John Trump’s swearing in ceremony took place on 20th January as the 45th president of the US. Addressing the American people, he delivered an 18 minutes long speech in the ceremony. […]

Revolutionary Maoist demands abrogation of Air Marshal Agreement with India

Kathmandu: The CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) has demanded to abrogate the Air Marshal Agreement reached between the high level authorities of Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministries of Nepal and India, for it has seriously threatened Nepal’s sovereignty, national independence and national self-respect. The CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) Chairman Comrade Kiran said it through a statement. Also, Chairman […]

Revolutionary Maoist begins three-month long organization expansion campaign

Kathmandu: According to the decision taken by Party’s recently held Central Committee Meeting, the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) has launched a campaign centred on the expansion and rectification of organization and mass mobilization as well. This campaign has been planned for three months till the April-end. The campaign will be jointly carried out by the Party, […]

Indian consular office will be removed at any cost: Gajurel

Biratnagar: Three Communist parties have staged a protest program against the consular office that was illegally established by India with its troops in Biratnagar, on Saturday.  Organizing the protest nearby the consular office, leaders of three communist parties strongly demanded to remove the office at the earliest. Addressing the program, senior leader of CPN (Revolutionary […]

Selling Nepal’s water resources is like selling the country itself: Hari Bhakta Kandel

Birendranagar: Stating that water and electricity are like raw materials, the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) Central Office Member Haribhakta Kandel ‘Prateek’ said selling such raw materials to a foreign country is as national betrayal as selling the country itself. “Currently, Nepal’s national sovereignty is at fragile state, the movement of national independence should be expanded through […]

Bhupendra Neupane-led Communist Nucleus unites with Revolutionary Maoist

Kathmandu: The Communist Nucleus led by Bhupendra Neupane has united with Mohan Baidya Kiran-led CPN (Revolutionary Maoist), in the latest series of polarization among the revolutionary forces. The unification was announced amid a program in the Capital today. Addressing the unification program, CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) Chairman Mohan Baidya Kiran termed this unification as the unity […]

Abrogation of anti-national treaties on water resources demanded

Kathmandu: The leaders of CPN (Revolutionary Maoist), CPN (Maoist), and CPN Masal have laid stress on the need to develop national liberation movement to abrogate the anti-national treaties on water resources. Speaking in an interaction programme on “Intervention upon water resources and national independence” that was jointly organised by three parties at Alfa Beta Complex […]

Press Statement of CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)

Chaired by Comrade Kiran, the CC meeting of the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) was held from Dec 23 to Dec 25, 2016. The important decisions adopted in the meeting have been publicised as under. In the beginning, CC meeting paid emotional homage by one minute silence to the immortal martyrs who attained martyrdom in various struggles […]


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